Surely Bright china tealight Candle

Surely Bright china tealight Candle

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Pillar candles scented layer candles

Pillar candles scented layer candles
Product name:Pillar candles scented layer candles


Brand: bright
Scent: different according to your requirements
Size: different sizes according to your requirements
Burning time: various according to sizes
Material: paraffin wax
Use: bars, KTV, religious activities, wedding, party, holiday, birthday
Handmade: yes or no
No smoke
No drip
No restrict by season
craft pillar candle .
frosted candle
snowflake candle
flat top pillar candle
colorful layer effects,any scented 1%-3%
We can produce various candles for Christmas, Church, Thanksgiving, Easter, Valentine's day, Birthday
you are welcome contact us for any information
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